DNA Letter Project

The Hebrew Alef-Beit – is a Holy tongue. In Hebrew: Lashon Kodesh. Each and every letter is Holy. There are 22 consonants – and no real vowels. Sages in Jewish tradition teach us that these letters are the DNA of G-d’s Creation.

The DNA Letter Project I present to you is based on these Holy Letters. In their Holyness, we see the Light of Divine Creativity shine through. A serious and joyfull Truth. It is in this Truth we are all invited to live and blossom and experience Creation in the way G-d has meant us to, in all our unique ways.

On my YouTube channel you’ll find free, short and to the point inspired messages, drawn from the Tenach – the “Old Testament” – and the teachings of Rabbi Jesus, Jehoshua – also known as the New Testament. By all means, check out the Transformational Awareness Game.

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