Born in 1980, a daily opportunity to become the person I am (made to become), inspired by faith. My inspiration I find mainly in the first 5 books of Moses & the Bible, the rich and abundant stories of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob. The mercifull, life-changing teachings of the Jew we commonly call Jesus, and His stories of His Father, his knowledge of the good life, through the 10 commendments.  As Jesus Himself says: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord Lord’, shall enter the kingdom of heaven(s); but he who does the will of My Father in heaven will enter”. What He is giving us – day by day – by His parables and way of living and His Mercy is Life.
Life in the secure and of the Lord.

My goal? To use my God given ways to spread His ways, His words: to share my inspiration and the good news of life, mercy, and the freedom, out of slavery, once you join the G0d of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob and get a new found life through the Law, the teachings and the example of Jesus. Through His love.

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