Art Statement

Engels – Nederlands

My art is an ode to all that I find meaningfull an trustwothy.
At the same time it is a question to everybody and it is part of an answer.

I call it my duty to communicate my findings in every way I can:
Our Creator, the Creator of this world, and the world-to-come, is Holy, trustworthy and knows us, our hearts and kidneys and souls. In my findings, the Old Testament – or Tenach, teaches us a brilliant insight (and much much more) into human existance, emotion, relation to G-d and relation to each other. It gives us meaning to life. So does Jesus explain to us. He gave his life to underline this important message, and in doing so reached out to us in whatever dark corner we are at.

This is my drive. The Tenach, the Old Testament, gives me fuel to create “colour translations” and all other forms of free expression art, as a prayer, as a joy as a vehicle to transport my faith.

My work is an attempt to explore the relation we all have with this ONE Creator, the responsibilities that come with this relationship and to be honoring my roots.

I’d love to come and talk more about it, all my works have a different theme, all leading to the same, positive conclusion. Please contact me for motivational speaches, and or thogether with an exhibition of my work.

e-mail me anyway if you have a question!